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Venice $8678

The boot that fits, Italy has enough brilliance to satisfy every whim; historic culture,…
4 Days

Rome $19000

A heady mix of haunting ruins, awe-inspiring art and vibrant street life, Italy’s hot-blooded…
8 Days
On this nine night holiday fit for a Khaleesi, the would be me, visit the locations…
9 Days
Nothing says the weekend like indulging in some gourmet cuisine clothing optional. Saturday night…
4 Days
Calling all city dwellers and island lovers; this 9-night luxury escape offers the best…
9 Days
Transport yourself back to the sleek and intriguing world of 1960’s New York, portrayed…
4 Days


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Bali was my dream

Paradise found with a 5 star playmate. We eat at a local warung. Ordered the Nasi campur by pointing at what looks good behind the glass. Sun, sand and soup! It was magical.

Stefan H.

Thailand paradise

Summer heat, red curry, and disco balls in Bangkok. Longtail boats in Railay to the private bungalows of Phuket. This was an experience to remember, and one I will repeat with this exotic beauty.

Peter D.

Philippines adventure!

Island? Check. Beach? Check. Jungle? Check. And a long layover in Seoul? Someone who loves street food more than as I do? Check. The perfect wander with the perfect partner.

Daniel F.

Santorini was my dream

Exploring this beautiful island with a beautiful tourguide was the highlight of my year. Doing so for 10 days on a yacht even better. I look forward to this August and the Amalfi Coast.

James P.

Paris is awesome

Amazing dinners at Guy Savoy. A short walk from Notre Dame, an incredible gelato shop I never knew was there. Paris as I've never seen it. Experienced as never before. This was the best business trip yet.

Steve A.

Sicilian Holiday

Seductively beautiful and perfectly placed in the heart of the Mediterranean. And the island is pretty amazing as well. A timeless experience with a timeless tour guide. Happy to be share sparkling wine by a sparkling sea.

Daniel H.

Feel Special.

Bypass the lines at the Louvre. Step past the velvet ropes at the Sistine Chapel. Embark on an opulent cruise excursion along Alaska’s coast. Zip-line through the forests of Costa Rica. Glide around the Caribbean on a private sailboat. Adventures awaits. Let's get lost...

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