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Monteverde cloud forest, Costa Rica

Monteverde cloud forest, Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest Costa Rica

Get back to nature in the Monteverde cloud forest, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country of diverse and contrasting natural beauty, ranging from imposing volcanoes, majestic waterfalls, tropical lush rainforest and mystical cloud forests. The Monteverde Cloud Forest is a rare and highly biodiverse ecosystem, and this beautiful environment homes intriguing native species of plants and animals. Encounter soaring trees festooned with lichens, abundant orchids and over a hundred species of mammal including the cheeky capuchin monkey, the lazy sloth, the elusive quetzal and the endangered three-wattled bellbird.

The magical Sky Walk allows you to experience these natural wonders through traversing the clouds across incredible suspension bridges, or alternatively fly through the mist on the exhilarating zip wire. This specialised habitat stretches across 10, 500 hectares and can also be explored on foot or on leisurely horseback. This unique trip offers an unforgettable opportunity to connect with nature in a world above the clouds.

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