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‘Off-the-beaten-track’ is one way to put it.  From jungles to deserts even through cities – It’s my approach the world over. So why not venture into the mountains and onto slopes that no-one has skied before? Hmm… hold my beer. To do this, we can only be talking about heli-skiing and we can only be talking about Bella Coola. Bella Coola Heli Sports are the guys behind some of the most exclusive, most high-octane and most unmissable heli-skiing experiences in the world! Offering everything from steep vertical drops to ski touring through unnamed valleys, they’ll take us deep into the wilderness to some of the world’s most jaw-dropping terrain. Earn our turns before returning to luxurious lodges, gourmet dinners and a somewhat peaceful night’s sleep – ready to go again in the morning. And the skiing too…


Every winter, Bella Coola Heli Sports take over four of British Columbia’s most remote and most luxurious lodges. Each lodge offers something a bit different, but one thing they all have in common is a prime location in the heart of over two million acres of powder-perfect terrain. Ideal for a short break, Bella Coola will have us skiing in a (blood pumping) heartbeat. Just a 70-minute flight from Vancouver, ski as soon as we arrive and up until the moment we leave.


Bella Coola is all about the experience, less about where you sleep at night. Kind of like me. But that doesn’t mean they’ve compromised on luxury lodgings. Each of the four lodges boasts cosy guest rooms, mouthwatering cuisine and scenic surroundings. Choose from the stunning wilderness of Tweedsmuir Park Lodge; the home of first descents at Pantheon Heli Ranch; the intimate Mystery Mountain Lodge, accommodating just four people; or, the homely Eagle Lodge with its relaxing jacuzzi. I say jacuzzi, but that’s me. But for true luxury, we can’t get ay better than Bracewell’s Lodge. Can we really say not to our own chef, helicopter, and private lodge? I think not.


Bracewell's Lodge - Bella Coola Held Sports

Bracewell’s Lodge


Bella Coola Heli Sports grew out of a passion for deep powder, bluebird skies and pushing it to the limit. Everyone from the guides to the pilots to the guy skiing along beside us form part of an award-winning, world-class team. They have been skiing the steepest slopes and the toughest terrain all over the world for years and know what it takes to create an out-of-this-world heli-skiing experience. And that’s exactly what they’ve done; crafted experiences based on what their dream trips would look like. Like TravelGal there’s something to suit everyone in Bella Coola. From the adventure seekers looking to dip their boot in heli-skiing for the first time to the expert skier looking to up the challenge. Incredibly private, with no more than four in a helicopter, where will we lay our tracks?




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