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About Us

About Us

THE TRAVEL GAL is an international company specialising in providing luxury concierge services to VIPs everywhere. Since it was founded in 2016, THE TRAVEL GAL has attracted an elite circle of friends, composed of businessmen and businesswomen, diplomats, celebrities and artists – TTG’s mission is to accompany them all over the world, in the most exclusive and personal way possible. Combining the French art of Savoir Vivre with a constant striving for excellence, The Travel Gal guarantees it will provide the perfect, personal answer to its members’ desires. Besides exceptional performance and total availability, TTG is committed to unheard-of levels of service and experiences that are quite simply out of this world. Wholly focused on your comfort and wishes, The Travel Gal, as your personal 'Lifestyle Consultant', will give you the chance to experience the unexpected. By getting to know exactly who you are and what excites you (discreetly, of course), we will be able to find just what you are looking for and recommend experiences that are entirely in keeping with your expectations and mind-set.

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Imagine a concierge for meeting your every expectation – Total Availability

Just like the traditional English butler, or the stateside Executive Assistant, your Lifestyle Consultant will handle every one of your requirements – whatever you need, your personal concierge is just a phone-call away. Taking the time to get to know you, understanding your wants, needs, and tastes. This guaranteeing a prompt response that is perfectly in tune with your expectations.

The Travel Gal speaks a number of languages, as well as being an expert in every aspect of luxurious living be it travel, accommodation, gourmet eating, savoire vivre or events. You can be sure you will find the kind of comfort and pleasure that can only be provided by the ultimate personal assistant service. A guarantee that every one of your requests will be given our individual, personal attention.

Over the years in the hospitality industry we have collected and created an unrivaled network. Through our collection of very special addresses we can offer you exclusive, customized services that are sure to please.

The idea behind “TTG Travel Club” was to make sure every member was made to feel special and experience tailor-made solutions to every request.

Wherever, whenever, The Travel Gal will be at your side both privately and professionally.

It’s not the destination. It’s the journey. 

Let us plan that getaway you’ve been dreaming of. That special, unique experience that will really help you get away from it all – in your own, special way

Travel in total comfort whatever the destination: by air, private jet, train or yacht

Meet your own personal tour guide on the other side of the world, or make a staycation in town.

Discover the fascinating secrets of towns and cities worldwide. With your Travel Gal Tour Guide, you will find out so much more…

From luxury health-spas, top-flight gyms and sports clubs…

Fashion shows, exclusive showrooms, private sales…

Prestige boutiques, the most sought after personal shoppers… go on your own special shopping trip, designed just for you.

The very latest – new artists and designers, opening ceremonies of remarkable new venues …The Travel Gal gives you a privileged insight into the world of luxury to find rare items and special presents abound.

Fulfilling the craziest requests on request. What did you have in mind?

Absolute Access

Admission to the TTG TRAVEL CLUB is via annual membership.

All members can then access all TTG TRAVEL CLUB services. There are four kinds of membership:


Whether you are a businessman or businesswoman, diplomat, celebrity, artist or just someone who travels a lot, we go beyond the usual limits on your behalf, accompanying you on your trips abroad and providing a personal response whenever and wherever you may need it.

Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury service, for you and only you..


TTG travel club is a private, selective group, whose members can thus be discreetly introduced to our partners in the world of luxury, travel and fine-living.

To better meet your needs, the travel club is totally exclusive and membership is reserved for the privileged few.

Please submit your request to become a member of The Travel Club by completing the application form. We will be delighted to reply as soon as possible, once your application has been examined.

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5 Brompton Rd. Square
Phone: +44 (0) 753 7193 420
Email: hello@thetravelgal.nl

New York

106 Rivington Street, Suite 1G
Phone: +1 347 508 2788
Email: hello@thetravelgal.nl

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